Who Are You People?

That's a fantastic question! (We'll even forgive you for being nosy. We like to know where our stuff comes from, too.)

Old Roots

Thread Mail is a new venture from an old company. Our parent company, Catalyst Promotions, has been around for over ten years. They specialize in promotional products, screen printing, and embroidery. 

New Ideas

Thread Mail is the brainchild of several of Catalyst's more nerdy employees, and it all started after the purchase of a new direct-to-garment machine. Before that was ordered, it was nearly impossible for us print just one or two shirts since the screen printing equipment took so long to set up (and cost so much). While great for large orders, the screen printing process is just not made for small runs and tests.

We Couldn't Help Ourselves

Enter the direct-to-garment machine. Suddenly it was easy and affordable for us to print just a few shirts (or even just one). It shouldn't be a surprise that we suddenly had a ton of ideas for quotes, designs, and photos we would love to slap on some sort of apparel and show off to our friends.

It was a small jump from there to realizing we could share these designs with our friends and fellow fans. We just had to figure out how to do it, and Thread Mail was our answer. From an idea to a reality in just a couple of months, Thread Mail came from our love of our fandoms and awesome apparel. 

Perhaps Our Favorite Part...

But it wasn't just about our favorite movies, shows, and music. We also realized we had a perfect opportunity to help support and highlight some of our favorite local (and not-so-local) artists, bloggers, and designers. To that end, we have looked beyond our own in-house design team. We offer anyone the chance to submit their art for a chance to end up on one of our awesome shirts, and get paid, too! (If you just found yourself thinking, "I want to be part of that," then click here for more info.)


We love what we do, and we hope you do too. 

We also hope you spend lots of money and buy our stuff. (We're just being honest, folks.)

Finally... (FYI: Our writer knows she says too much.)

With love (and sometimes a little sarcasm),

The Thread Mail Team