"I have this amazing idea for a design." - You (Probably)


We love amazing ideas. And cool designs. And possibly you. (It's kind of early for you to ask us if we love you, just so you know...)

We also love that you have questions. (We know you have them.)

"That's great, but how do I get my design to you?"

See? That's a great question. Just email your name, address, design, and a good phone number where we can actually reach you to art@threadmaildesigns.com. Don't worry about putting your design on a shirt. Just send us the art file as a .png or text-outlined .psd, and we'll do the rest. If your art is selected, you'll also need to send us an avatar and short bio (about 50 words) for your artist page. 

We're already excited to see it!

"Ok. Great. When will I hear back from you?"

We get it. Submitting your art is stressful, and you can't wait to find out whether or not we're going to add your incredible art to our online store. Because we get it, we do our best to get back to you as quickly as humanly possible. (We ARE human, despite how awesome we are.) We aim for less than a week, but please understand that it depends on how many submissions we have. After seven days, please feel free to email us and inquire about your art. We do ask you not to harass us before that, however. Remember, the more emails we have, the harder it is to respond to them all as quickly as we'd like. 

"Why should I work with you people? I'm too good to do art for free."

That's the spirit! We like people who value their work. We also value your work, and we would never ask you to do it for free. All of the designers who are featured on our website get 10% of every shirt sale. We'll also send you a shirt with your design on it after we sell at least ten! You get paid for all sales while your shirt is in our featured collection, all sales after it moves to our larger catalog, and all sales we do at conventions or events we attend.

"How much do I have to pay for you to ship my shirts and feature them at conventions?"

Good question, and we have a great answer. Absolutely nothing. You create the design, and if we pick it, then you get paid. There aren't any hidden fees or tricks. We love going to conventions, and we make money per sale too. You get paid for the design, and we'll work the cost of creating, shipping, and promoting them into the price the customer pays. You'll never get a bill from us for any of it. 

"Can we promote the sale of the shirts on our own websites and social media accounts?"

Please. Seriously. The more shirts we sell, the more money we all make. Just be sure to tag us and include a link to purchase the shirts when you share it. It's not a requirement. (But it makes sense, right?) We'll do our best to market and promote your design, but any help you give is just going to make us all more successful.

"I'm liking everything so far, but it seems too good to be true."

We know. It's hard to believe that we get paid to do our jobs, too. It's too much fun to be actual work. But it's true! And if you have more questions, you can always contact us. We're here to help however we can. For art questions, email art@threadmaildesigns.com. For general questions, email info@threadmaildesigns.com

"I think I love you guys."

First, we have both guys and girls on staff. That's a bit sexist of you to assume otherwise. (Unless you meant guys in a "dude" sort of way. Then we're sorry we judged you.) Secondly, we told you it was a bit soon for all that.


(But we love you, too.)