Our Team

Denys - The Person Who Owns the Stuff

Denys is the owner of Catalyst Promotions, and therefore Thread Mail Designs, and he is the person you can thank for letting his crazy staff members dream up this site and make it a reality. He has decades (He's really that old!) of experience in promotional materials and apparel, both in sales and production. He's our founder, funder, and knower for this venture, and we couldn't do it without him!


Meagan - The Person Who Does the Stuff

It's hard to come up with a single title for Meagan since she does so many different things. Web Designer, Content Creator, Writer, Vendor Relations, Convention Relations, Travel Agent, and pretty much whatever else needs to happen that isn't art related. (She claims absolutely no artistic ability, although she does often harass the in-house design team to make her ideas turn into art.) She is also an Account Manager and Sales Representative for Catalyst Promotions, so she stays busy. (She would also like to note that writing about herself in 3rd person is super awkward.)


Chad - The Person Who Draws the Stuff

Chad is the head of our in-house design team and works for both Thread Mail Designs and Catalyst Promotions. He is listed on our artist page as chdgraphics and he is responsible for most of the art you see being used to build the website, as well as many of the designs featured in our catalog. Chad not only comes up with his own unique designs for the website, but he also adapts the insane things his coworkers come up with into designs that actually look awesome, despite them giving him very little to work with in the beginning.


Allen - The Person Who Makes the Stuff

Allen is the go-to guy for all things production. He oversees the printing for both Thread Mail Designs and Catalyst Promotions, and manages a team that works in screen printing, direct-to-garment printing, and embroidery. He's also a fantastic carpenter and wood-worker. When we got our new direct-to-garment machine, Allen only needed the company credit card and just a single afternoon to build some incredible (and portable!) tables for the new equipment.